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Calibration Station for GX-6000

SDM-6000 calibration station for GX-6000

  • Particle filter
  • Connection brackets
  • 10’ exhaust tubing

Included with 6000-01 model and higher:

  • AC Adapter as specified
  • SD card
  • USB SD card reader
  • Ethernet cable
  • USB cable for PC

Included with 6000-03 model and higher:

  • Demand Flow Regulator
  • Cal Gas Tubing
  • Cylinger Holder


81-SDM6000  | Unit Only No Charger
81-SDM6000-01 | Single Unit AC Adapter
81-SDM6000-02 | Multi Unit AC Adapter
81-SDM6000-03 | Single Unit AC Adapter/Demand Flow Regulator
81-SDM6000-04 | 58AL cyl H2S/CO/CH4/O2
81-SDM6000-05 | 58AL cyl isobutylene/H2S/CO/CH4/O2
81-SDM6000-06 | 34AL cyl isobutylene/air
81-SDM6000-07 | 34AL cyl H2S/CO/CH4/O2
81-SDM6000-08 | 34AL cyl H2S/CO/CH4/O2 & 34AL HCN/N2

Calibration Station for GX-6000

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