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Elite Personal Air Sampler

Buck Elite Personal Air Sampler


  • Data Logging ;Programmable; single diaphragm pump mechanism;Rechargeable NiMH battery pack; PC Link Elite Software

Pump kit includes:

  • Pump with a Triple pack NiMH battery, standard smart battery charger, Luer hose adapter, shirt/hose clip, 3 feet of vinyl hose and operating manual.

Pump 5-pack kit includes 5 each:

  • Pumps with Triple pack NiMH batteries, Luer hose adapter, shirt/hose clip, and 3 feet of vinyl hose. Also included is two operating manuals, one QuickFive™ rapid charger 100-240VAC , and a durable hard plastic case that accommodates additional accessories.

Elite Personal Air Sampler

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