Svantek is the leading brand of sound and vibration meters for occupational health and safety, environmental noise, human vibration and building vibration.

Sound & Vibration Measuring / Calibration


SV 971 Type 1 Sound Level Meter


SV 973 Class 2 Sound Level Meter


SV 104 Personal Noise Dosimeter


SV 104IS Personal Noise Dosimeter (Intrinsically Safe)


SVAN 977 Sound/Vibration Analyser


SVAN 958A 4 Channel Sound & Vibration Meter


SVAN 979 Type 1 Advanced Sound & Vibration Analyzer


SV 106A 6 Channel Human Vibration Meter & Analyzer


SVAN 974 Machine Vibration Analyzer


SV 103 Personal Hand Arm Vibration Dosimeter and Analyzer


SV 111 Multi-Level, Multi-Frequency Vibration Calibrator


SV 100A Whole Body Vibration Meter


SV 110 Portable Vibration Calibrator


SV 34A Class 2 Single Level Acoustic Calibrator


SV 200 Permanent Acoustic Monitoring Station


SV 307 Class 1 Environmental Noise Monitoring Station


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