Casella provides monitoring solutions for workplace dust, vapors and noise including real-time dust monitors, personal sampling pumps, sound level meters, noise dosimeters and web based systems for perimeter monitoring.

Dust Monitors / Personal Air Sampling


Apex2IS Personal Sampling Pump


VAPex I.S. Standard Low Flow Pump


FlowDetective Digital Airflow Meter


Microdust Pro Realtime Dust Monitor


Noise Exposure Monitoring


dBadge2 Noise Dosimeter


CEL-24x Sound Level Meter


CEL-62x/63x Sound Level Meter


CEL-120 Acoustic Calibrator Class 1 & 2


Vibration / Environmental Sampling


HAVex Personal Vibration Monitor


Guardian2 Multi-Agent Monitoring Station


Dust Detective Area / Boundary Nuisance Dust Monitoring System