Gilian is the world’s toughest, most reliable industrial hygiene air sampling pumps made in the USA by Sensidyne.

Air Sampling Pumps


GilAir Plus Personal Air Sampling Pump


GilAir-3 Personal Air Sampling Pump


GilAir-5 Personal Air Sampling Pump


BDX II Abatement Air Sampling Pump


Gilian 5000 Live Flow Air Sampling Pump


Gilian 10i Personal Sampling Pump


Gilian 12 Personal Sampling Pump


Gilian 800i Sampling Pump


LFS-113 Low Flow Sampling Pump


Calibrators, Dust Monitors, and Batteries


Gilibrator 3 Deluxe Kit, All Dry Cell Sizes


Nephelometer Kit (TSP Inlet, PM10, PM4.0, PM2.5)


GilAir Plus Replacement NiMH Battery


BDX II Replacement Battery