RKI Instruments is the world leader in gas detectors, fixed gas monitors, and multi-gas sensor products.

Portable Multi-Gas / Single Gas Monitors


GX-6000 6 Sensor Gas Monitor

$3,145.00Regular Price$2,987.75Sale Price

GX-3R 4 Gas Confined Space Monitor

$595.00Regular Price$565.25Sale Price

GX-3R Pro 5 Gas Personal Monitor

$1,295.00Regular Price$1,230.25Sale Price

GX-2009 4 Gas Personal Monitor

$520.00Regular Price$494.00Sale Price

GX-2012 w/ Li-Ion Battery

$845.00Regular Price$802.75Sale Price

Eagle 2 One to Six Gas Portable

03 Series - Single Gas Personal Monitors

$280.00Regular Price$266.00Sale Price

SC-01 Single Toxic Gas Monitor

$745.00Regular Price$707.75Sale Price

OX-07 Oxygen Monitor

$995.00Regular Price$945.25Sale Price

Fixed Single Gas Monitors


OX-600 Indoor Stand Alone Oxygen Monitor

$740.00Regular Price$703.00Sale Price

EC-600 Indoor Stand Alone CO Monitor

$895.00Regular Price$850.25Sale Price

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