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Guardian2 Multi-Agent Monitoring Station


  • Real-time particulate, noise and ground vibration (PPV)
  • Requires Annual Guardian2 Series data plan ($675 annual)
  • Simultaneous PM10, PM2.5 and PM1.0 monitoring
  • Web-hosted data with secure, password protected login
  • Optional, maintenance free windspeed & direction sensor
  • Email and text alerts to designated recipients
  • Manual or automatic reports
  • IEC 61672-1 compliant sound level meter
  • Wall or pole mounted
  • Operates over a wide operating voltage 100-250 VAC

Guardian2 Multi-Agent Monitoring Station

Particulates (Yes/No)
VOC (yes/no)
Vibration (Yes/No)
Noise (Yes/No)
Wind Speed / Direction (Yes,No)

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