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72-2132 Beacon 3200 controller base unit, sensor & relay module cards sold separately

57-0168-01 Sensor module PC board assembly for Beacon 3200, accepts 4 channels per sensor module

57-0169-01 Relay module PC board assembly for Beacon 3200, provides 8 programmable relays per relay module


Battery Back-up Assembly Selection

49-8104RK Standby battery assembly, 24 VDC, 12 AMP hours, for Beacon 110, Beacon 200, Beacon 410A, Beacon 800, & Beacon 3200


Detector Assemblies Selection

Direct Connect Sensors with or without junction boxes, that connect directly to a controller (no transmitter)
S2 Series Sensor / transmitter with explosion proof or non explosion proof junction box (no display)
M2A Series Stand alone explosion proof transmitter, CAT/IR/EC sensors,digital display, CSA
T2A Series 2-Wire explosion proof transmitter, EC sensors, display
T3A Series 3-Wire explosion proof transmitter, CAT/IR/EC/PID sensors, display
VOC Pro PID explosion proof transmitter, four PID sensor options, display
Air Alert Stand-alone, non explosion proof transmitter, 3-color alarm LEDs and buzzer, or with relays
SD-1 Explosion proof transmitter, CAT/EC/IR/MOS/Galvanic sensors, display, HART & SIL2 options
M-Series Low cost sensor / transmitter for H2S or CO, non explosion proof
35-3001 Sample draw detector assembly in NEMA 4X enclosure
35-3010 Sample draw, multi-sensor detector assembly in NEMA 4X enclosure
GD-70D Sample draw transmitter, EC/MOS/CAT smart sensors, common components, display
GD-K88Ai Diffusion transmitter with EC sensors, long sensor life, non explosion proof, display
MPS Sensor MPS LEL Variable Combustible Gas Sensor (Molecular Property Spectrometer)

Beacon 3200 Thirty Two Channel Wall Mount Controller

SKU: 72-2132

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