MultiRAE Lite - Personal 6 Gas Monitor

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RAE MultiRAE Lite Pumped/10.6 eV PID/LEL/H2S/CO/O2


  • MultiRAE Lite monitor, sensors, Li-Ion battery, wireless option, protective rubber boot, filter(s) installed, Continuous datalogging (6 mo for 5 sensors @ 1-min), Travel charger / PC adapter & Cable, Cal adapter, Alkaline battery adapter, Toolkit with Hex tool and Phillips screwdriver, Quick Start Guide, CD with documentation, ProRAE Studio II Instrument Configuration & Data Management Software, Calibration and test certificate, Warranty / registration card, 10 charcoal VOC filters for CO sensor.

Pumped Model includes:

  • Built-in pump, Belt clip installed, 3 spare external filters, PID sensor cap removal tool

MultiRAE Lite - Personal 6 Gas Monitor

PriceFrom $2,208.00